About JLD Contractors
A Complete Build and Home Improvement Service

The main focus at JLD is that of a high end of personalised service

  • To deal with one person through concepts and planning right through to project completion.
  • To deal with one person on site and for all the building admin, ordering of specially selected materials and quantities.
  • To Produce a high level of finish as an appreciation that more often than not our builds will be one of our clients biggest investments.
New room roofing and roof plumbing


Jake Duckett


The grass roots of JLD begins from years of experience gained through an extensive and versatile range of carpentry work for other builders starting from the age of 16 during my days as an apprentice carpenter and joiner through to my career as a carpenter post apprenticeship.

I then went on to college earning my Diploma of Building graduating in 2012. I then did a year in drafting at Perth Central TAFE to further develop conceptional plans with clients.

Our method

We plan, design and build to suit our clients budgets. We do this by including the planning and drafting in the building process. My experience has enabled me to design to a specific budget as the person who will be actually be building your home. 

This means I produce drafting plans as a part of the design and build process. This enables my clients to make astute budgetary and planning choices which in turn saves them from spending a fortune on plans only to find out they cant afford what an external draftsman has designed for them.

Our Style

  • To build open space.
  • To position elevations and openings to allow for lots of natural light.
  • To create a home that in its raw form will accommodate as little cost in heating and cooling as possible.
  • To choose and place materials that will be energy efficient during all 4 seasons of the year.
  • To create outdoor areas that are functional to be used in autumn and winter not just spring and summer.

The Core

The engine behind the scenes is built from the carpentry and the network of carpenters who I have built a solid relationship with over the years as a carpenter.

The versatility of the jobs I personally have completed as a carpenter are perfect for the times when our clients want to make last minute variations on site. The cost of these items are quickly obtained as I myself have completed variations on site with my own hands. I know exactly the man hours that will be required along with material cost to complete any last minute changes on site. This applies particularly to renovations.